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  1. Do you deliver timber?

    Decking Wood QLD provides two options: Crane Truck Delivery for large orders and Ute deliveries for small orders. The cost of delivery is $185 for Brisbane Metro via Crane Truck and $110 for Brisbane Metro via Ute. Please confirm the charges for deliveries outside Brisbane Metro.

    We can send timber to any location in Queensland or Northern NSW and will need you to send an email to to confirm delivery charges based on your quantity purchase.

    We do not have any minimum orders for delivery.
  2. Do I get my Trade Discounts?

    Builders or trade customers must provide their total ABN Number to unveil their trade prices, which are quoted separately on a job basis for maximum discounts. It is best to submit your purchase and not pay; instead, email us your order and ABN number, and we will get back to you with a revised invoice. This applies only to Builders or Trade Customers—not to any other ABN holders.
  3. Could you share your business location with me? I'd love to know where I can find you.

    We are located at 17 Brecknock St, Archerfield, QLD 4108.
  4. Can I place an order and pay for the collection?

    You can order online here and collect it from our yard at Archerfield. You will be notified when your order is ready. Please note that lead time applies to any special-order items. Usually, it's not ready for pick up straight away, and we will notify you when it’s prepared, so please confirm the stock before ordering if it’s urgent.
  5. What are your opening hours?
    Mon to Fri 7am to 3pm
    Saturday 9am to 1pm
    Sunday Close
  1. Where can the driver unload timber?

    While our Ute deliveries are hand-unloaded, we aim to accommodate any requests. However, our deliveries are limited to driveways or the kerbside for the driver's safety. Due to safety concerns regarding fence walls, power lines, and traffic, deliveries by crane trucks are at the driver's discretion.

    Please note any special delivery requests and consider emailing us with a diagram indicating where you want the timber unloaded. Our drivers will accommodate all safe requests.
  2. Access to my property is tricky – can you still deliver it?

    Yes, we can. We can organise suitable transport if you send us some pictures and instructions upfront.
  3. Can you deliver it to a dirt road access?

    Certainly, the driver will conduct an assessment to ensure that the area is safe for entry.
  4. Can I get my timber delivered at a specific time?

    We strive to accommodate specific delivery requests; however, most deliveries are based on our daily run, and we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time. It is best to schedule timber deliveries a day in advance to avoid any delays on the day your work starts at the site. If you are unsure about the time, best to call us to confirm prior to ordering.
  5. What is a 'lineal metre' (lm)?

    Linear meters, also known as lineal meters, are used to measure the length of material in a single direction. One lineal meter equals one meter in length. For example, 10lm of decking timber refers to the total length of the material.