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“Supplier” refers to Decking Wood QLD. “Client” refers to the buyer/s of the Goods. “Goods” includes all items or services the Supplier provides to the Client. “Price” denotes the amount payable for the Goods. “Special Orders” refers to each item tagged as Special Orders on the website that needs to be ordered from a third-party supplier to fulfil the Client’s orders.

This website is the property of Decking Wood QLD and is under its management. Any mention of DWQ refers to Decking Wood QLD. 

Accessing or using this website signifies your agreement to comply with the terms and conditions outlined herein and elsewhere on the website (Terms of Use). We strongly advise that you carefully read these Terms of Use before using the website. These Terms of Use supplement the specific terms and conditions governing the products and services provided by DWQ.

Decking Wood QLD is a supplier of building materials, offering a specialised range of products such as Decking, Screening, Cladding, Pergola Timber, Framing, Plywood, and hardware. Our products are available throughout the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast regions, and we can distribute timber anywhere in Queensland with the help of our efficient transport network.

Our Loading Policy

Customers must purchase material prior to starting loading in the warehouse.
Customers are required to bring appropriate strapping materials to ensure the safety of the load.

Please don't hesitate to ask our warehouse staff for assistance. Make sure to show them your paperwork so that they can help you efficiently.
All pick-ups and Drop-offs are 30 min prior to closing and 30 min after opening time.

Our Loading Policy


Please make sure to refer to the 'Transport Safety Guidelines - Customer Pickups' information link for instructions on how to properly load your vehicle at Decking Wood QLD. It is essential that you bring appropriate straps and a cargo net to secure your load before leaving our premises.

  • Don't overload the vehicle.
  • Stack lighter loads on top of heavier loads.
  • Spread the loads out evenly for balanced weight distribution.
  • Secure and lash the loads properly.
  • Ensure that the stacking arrangement is stable.


We encourage advanced ordering so that we have your orders ready to go and loaded into your vehicle promptly. All order take time to prepare it may as well happen while your not waiting. We like to ensure you benefit from as little amount of costly downtime to your project or business as possible.


Be mindful that our store is frequently updated with new stock and not always offered online. If you have any enquiries or are unsure about availability of any product, please  Mail or visit us in store.

We offer warehouse pickups for stock items from 7 am to 3.0 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am to 1:00 pm Saturday. To avoid any inconvenience, placing your order beforehand is suggested. Our team will contact you once we receive your order to arrange a suitable pickup date. Please bring the tax invoice with you when you pick up your order.


Deliveries are made between 7 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday & 6:30 am to 12:00 pm Saturday. Timing may change depending on the Driver’s Schedule.


At DWQ, we strongly emphasise fast and convenient delivery of your goods. Our various delivery and pickup options are tailored to provide maximum flexibility and ease for your convenience.

In the event of damage or destruction of any goods after delivery but before the transfer of ownership to the client, the supplier is entitled to receive all insurance proceeds about the goods. If the client requests the supplier to leave goods at an unattended location, the goods shall be left at the client’s risk.

The Supplier and the Client agree that ownership of the Goods shall not pass until:

  1. The Client has paid the Supplier all amounts owing to the Supplier and
  2. The client has met all its other obligations to the Supplier.

The supplier will not consider any form of payment other than cash as received until that form of payment has been honoured, cleared, or recognized in the supplier’s bank account.

Upon delivery or collection, the client must thoroughly inspect the goods. The client is required to notify the supplier in writing before accepting the delivery of any visible defects, damages, shortages in quantity, or discrepancies from the provided description or quote. After such notification, the client must grant the supplier permission to inspect the goods. The purchase of special-order goods is considered final and non-refundable.

Before placing an order for special items, clients should seek clarification on any technical details to avoid any uncertainties. Unexcluded guarantees may be implied into these terms and conditions in the form of implied warranties. The supplier explicitly disclaims all warranties and representations under these terms and conditions, encompassing but not limited to the quality or suitability of the goods. The supplier's liability regarding these warranties is subject to the maximum extent allowable by law.

In cases where the Supplier has created designs, drawings, or developed Goods and Services for the Client, the copyright for these designs, illustrations, and documents will remain the Supplier's property.

The Client guarantees that all designs, specifications, or instructions provided to the Supplier will not infringe any patents, registered designs, or trademarks during the execution of the Client's order. The Client also agrees to indemnify the Supplier against any legal action a third party takes due to such infringement.

The supplier can cancel any order by providing written notice to the client before delivering the goods. Upon giving such notice, the supplier will refund any money paid by the client for the goods. The supplier will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the cancellation.

Orders for goods made to the client's specifications cannot be cancelled once manufacturing has begun or an order has been placed.