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66x42 Merbau GL17S Mid Rail

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66x42 Merbau GL17S Mid Rail
Available in 3.0m and 5.4m

Merbau, otherwise known as kwila, is a hardwood with a high tannin content and an abundance of natural oil, making it a popular timber choice for screening and outdoor applications. It seasons well with kiln or air-drying, exhibiting only a low degrade and very little shrinkage or movement.

This GL17 structurally graded merbau is a laminated timber section with a solid face on all sides. Exhibiting a high degree of natural durability and strength, it’s used in construction and marine applications, prominently for decking and outdoor areas, pergolas, posts, treads, cabinet making, bench tops, counters and much more. Merbau is a great option for outdoor living spaces and extending your home into your garden.

As with most natural timber products, colour variation within the merbau timber species is normal and one of its most appealing characteristics. Typically a dark reddish-brown in colour, occasionally a yellowish-brown, merbau exhibits an interlocked or wavy wood grain, coarse but even in texture. It’s a versatile timber that agreeably takes various finishes – stain, oil, clear coat, paint or polish.

Classed as a fire retardant species, structural merbau is naturally resistant to termite attack and decay. Renowned for its enduring qualities, the average life expectancy of merbau with proper above-ground installation and regular maintenance is 25-50 years.

Merbau can be susceptible to tannin bleed, appearing as a red-brown stain, but this is easily removed by cleaning. It also tends to split unless pre-bored, but holds fastenings well.

  • GL17S Structurally Graded Merbau hardwood
  • Laminated timber section – more stable for longer lengths
  • Solid face on all sides
  • Dressed all round (DAR)
  • Versatile, hard wearing and extremely durable
  • A natural timber product, easy to work with
  • Can be oiled, painted, stained or a clear coat applied
  • Outstanding natural fire resistance
  • Organically termite resistant, no treatment necessary
  • For outdoor or indoor applications
Length: 3.0m

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