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BH201 Timber 25x8g BP 2PH T17 350 Pack - Screws for For Modwood KlevaKlip Timber Joist

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BH201 Timber 25x8g BP 2PH T17 350 Pack -
Screws for For Modwood KlevaKlip Timber Joist - Covers 9m2


Blackhawk Fasteners Timber Fix screws


Blackhawk 8 gauge, type 17, button head, Blackhawk Protect, Phillips drive screw

Screws come in a range of sizes and materials. Choosing the wrong screw can add unnecessary time and cost to your project. The Blackhawk Timber Fix screws have a range of features that will help get the best finish for your project.

Blackhawk Protect

The screw material is one of the most import factors when making your purchasing decision. Getting this wrong can have a huge impact on the strength and durability of your project. Blackhawk Timber Fix screws are available with Blackhawk Protect coating. Blackhawk Protect is a high-grade, tri-layer coating process. These layers are joined together through a chemical process which results in a tightly bonded coating on the screw. Along with conforming to AS 3566.2 Class 3, Blackhawk Protect has advantages like:

  • Superior corrosion (rust) resistance over non coated/galvanised fasteners

  • The unique layering process reduces any damage to the coating if the screw is scratched

  • Less risk of premature corrosion due to reactions with other metal types

Blackhawk Protect is environmentally friendly and does not contain hazardous substances like lead, cadmium, mercury or hexavalent and trivalent chromium. Blackhawk Protect, like all class 3 equivalents, is not recommended for applications within 5km of breaking surf or in close proximity to swimming pools.

There are a number of environmental factors that can contribute to premature corrosion of fasteners. These factors can be, but are not limited to the following:

  • Salt water and salty air carried from a salt water body
  • Preservative treated wood
  • Soils
  • Poor quality decking oil or decking paint 

It is recommended that you discuss this with your builder or local council prior to commencing work.


The Blackhawk Timber Fix screws are available in a length of 25mm.

  • Gauge = the diameter of the threads (8 gauge = 4.20mm).
  • Length = the measurement from the underside of the head to the tip of the point.

Blackhawk Timber Fix screws are not recommended for use on metal.

Type 17 Point

Type 17 refers to the long cut section at the point of the screw. The type 17 point:

  • Helps to remove debris when being driven through timber
  • Reduces the need to pre-drill in some timbers

Different species of timber have different hardness levels. This will determine the need for pre-drilling. It is recommended that you always pre-drill the ends of any timber as they are prone to splitting.

#2 Phillips Drive

The Phillips drive consists of two recessed cuts in the shape of a plus “+”. It was originally designed so the screw could not be over-tightened. It is now one of the most common drive types used in fastening. “#2” refers to the size of the recessed cuts in the head of the screw. The larger the number, the larger the cut size.

Button Head

The button head is a broad, low-profile head with a rounded top and flat underside. It is designed to sit flat on the surface being fixed. The broad head acts like a washer and helps in fixing two pieces together.


The Blackhawk Timber Fix screws were specially designed for use with the KlevaKlip® Snap-LOC decking clip when fixing ModWood composite decking boards. The low-profile head ensures the decking board engages with the decking clip. You can find more information on ModWood on the ITI Australia website

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