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135x19 White Mahogany Standard And Batter Grade KD Decking

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White mahogany is one of Australia’s top native hardwoods, known for its high natural durability and strength, making it perfect for high-traffic and hard-wearing uses. It has a visually appealing appearance with a medium, even texture and a typically interlocked grain. It is grown in the coastal forests from New South Wales to northern Queensland. The natural color of white mahogany varies from light brown to yellow-brown, with the sapwood often having a more creamy-brown color. It is a lighter alternative to Blackbutt decking, with fewer natural defects compared to Blackbutt. This Australian white mahogany hardwood is sourced following the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Forestry Management, ensuring that you have made a responsible choice."

Key Features:

Pencil round edges

Extremely strong and durable

Can be oiled, stained or a clear coat applied

Interlocking grain

A natural timber product, easy to work with

Suitable for exterior, above ground applications

Sustainable resource

Lyctid Borer not susceptible

Termite resistant

BAL 12.5 AND 19

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